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  • 22 years experience in the TDF group
  • 4 funds and NPF "My pension"
  • Yield NPF "My Pension"
    permanently higher inflation since 2011
  • The increase in the number of participants
    NPF "My pension" for 2014 by almost 90%


My greetings to all the visitors of our site!

I am the head of asset management company ITT-Management. In 2003, the team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in asset and investment fund management founded ITT-Management company.
It offers a wide range of investment options and funds for physical persons and legal entities who understand the advantages of professional finance management.
At present the company manages 5 funds. Two mutual funds and IF Export potential under management of current ITT-Management employees were successfully divested, three funds are open for investors. In 2008 AMC took under control its first non-government pension fund My pension.
ITT-Management also offers one investor funds - a unique instrument for investment activity of companies and individual investors.
Our investors trust us as we increase their capital creating diversified portfolios with high returns and minimum risk. Our four funds managed to survive crisis in 1998 showing successful performance. Our new funds managed to survive crisis in 2009 being among the leaders of net assets value rankings. Our assets continued growth in 2010.Challenges 2014 we have taken and we are not broke. Our assets continue to grow in the future.
You may also become today a part of your tomorrow’s success with ITT-Management!
Yours faithfully,
Victor Fedorov