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  • 22 years of profitable activity in the field of securities trade
  • Total amount of deals exceeds 2,7 Bln. UAH 
  • Places on all the organized trade platforms of Ukraine
  • One of the most professional brokerage teams
  • Large base of institutional and strategic investors
  • Full spectrum of services under ITT umbrella


One of the capital management options which provides high liquidity is a brokerage or invesment into shares of Ukrainian enterprises. This type of investment allows to sell securities on a stock market quickly and obtain higher profit tcompare to traditional means of investing, including investment funds. Another advantage is absence of management fee commission which covers brokerage services during purchase or sale of securities is the only payment for ITT-Invest services.

Starting sum of investment - 10.000 UAH into one security. In order to build an investment portfolio comprising several shares or bonds 50.000 UAH are required. Taking into account diversification, the investment portfolio should include securities of at least 5-7 issuers. The most efficient considered to be 150-200,000 UAH portfolio.

ITT-Invest offers the following conditions:

  • Starting sum for shares contract - 5,000 UAH
  • Starting sum for bonds contract - 30,000 UAH
  • Broker’s fee 0,1 – 0,5 % of a contract sum, but not less than 200,00 UAH
  • User charge or other expences are absent.