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ITT Investment Group is Ukrainian business of new quality which follows international principles of running the business and realizes its social responsibility.
The  main vectors CSR in ITT are:

  • Development and social programs for the employees - decent working conditions, insurance, and social guarantees for a personnel provide loyalty and efficiency of ITT team.
    We assist development of employees, provide professional and career growth; guarantee high standards of quality of works and transparent bonus system under the results of work of each employee;
  • The educational programs - the support of talented students with the purpose of education and development of young highly-qualified specialists in Ukraine, support of projects of educational institutions;
  • Charity -  charity concerts and projects support, financing of printed books edition in Ukraine etc.

Corporate education is in special focus of ITT.
There are 4 main directions of the educational programs for the ITT employees:

  • Programs of the Ukrainian institute of fund market development
    Include the studies of employees at the institute in the followings directions: trade in securities, asset management, administration of non-state pension fund, financial monitoring, custodian, specialized courses for accountants;
  • Programs of the Ukrainian association of investment business
    Seminars and trainings for lawyers and specialists of fund market, mainly are directions of ITT «asset management and funds»;
  • Business development program
    It was implemented after the completion of reorganization of ITT structure and foresees the studies of employees with the purpose of diversification of portfolio of services, and also for corporate culture: courses of appraisers; corporate trainings; seminars in advanced vocational training; accountants’ studying to transformation base and consolidation of financial statement with reference to the audit of PWC of the international standards of account; trainings with bringing in of external business of trainers and others.
  • Program «Initiative»
    It is realized in a company only three years, but despite the low loss of charges on it, confirmed the greatest efficiency; it consists in that to motivate a personnel to its own advanced vocational training, it means that a man looks for courses, seminars, interesting programs which a company pays independently, to stimulate the process of development of personnel: computer-aided design for a specialist on communications, specialized courses of CNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) or courses of advanced vocational training at Institute of Pesotskih, international seminars and conferences which are conducted by «Adam Smith Conferences», seminars conducted by MMR magazine, EBRD educational programs, etc.

The estimation of efficiency of the educational programs lies in:

  • Estimation of efficiency of every employee after visiting the courses by means of concrete results of his activity, estimated by the top-managers of ITT-group;
  • Estimation of the index of turn-over of personnel: we provide courses to our key employees in which we see our future; it is a common knowledge, that the employee, satisfied with the conditions of work and his prospects will not leave the company;
  • Qquestioning-questionnaire among employees and preparation of report on the programs on annual basis.