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  • 22 years of profitable activity in the field of securities trade
  • Total amount of deals exceeds 2,7 Bln. UAH 
  • Places on all the organized trade platforms of Ukraine
  • One of the most professional brokerage teams
  • Large base of institutional and strategic investors
  • Full spectrum of services under ITT umbrella


Investment Banking

Investment banking is a major department of ITT Invest that is successfully operating on the Ukrainian market more than 20 years. Vertical and horizontal integration inside the ITT Investment Group allows us to provide the most effective level of investment banking services for our clients.  

Investment banking offers its clients the best solutions in the following areas:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Consulting services for buyer or seller and provision of clear, effective advices;
  • Sourcing of buyers or sellers according to your needs and requirements;
  • Arranging and leading the negotiation process among parties;
  • Maintaining, structuring, and closing the deal.

Capital raising

  • Search of financing sources according to your needs and requirements;
  • Search and arrangement of debt to finance your projects;
  • Arrangement of IPO (Initial Public Offering);
  • Organization of deals with convertibles.

For 19 years ITT Investment Group has been successful on the Ukrainian market. Effective performance and commitment to the highest standards of quality helped the Group to close a considerable amount of deals, totaling $338 mln., with M&A deals amounting to $100 mln.

Our Management team consists of exceptional professionals, whose efforts resulted in numerous awards and deep recognition from the clients and partners.