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Ua English  

  • 22 years experience in the TDF group
  • 4 funds and NPF "My pension"
  • Yield NPF "My Pension"
    permanently higher inflation since 2011
  • The increase in the number of participants
    NPF "My pension" for 2014 by almost 90%



History of ITT-Management:

2003 Establishment of AMC ITT-Management LLC;  
Foundation and management of corporate fund Manuscript;  
Establishment of share funds Platinum-Invest and Ukrinvestbud;  
2006 Profitable close of mutual funds ITT-Invest and ITT;  
2007 Foundation and taking under management of ITT-Capital Fund ad 3 public funds:
ITT-Capital II, ITT-Finance and ITT-Real-estate;
2008 Assetts under management grew by more than 420 Mln. UAH;  
2009 Establishment and management of ONPF My pension;
NAV under ITT-Management exceeded 840 Mln. UAH;
2010 Merger of My pension and ONPF Profit;
taking under management of CIF BUDKOMPLEXKRYM;
2011  NAV under management exceeded 1 Bln. UAH.
 dividends' pay off by ITT-Capital
2012  Start of reserve fund formation    
2013  The value of assets under AMC management exceeds 1.8 billion UAH. The net asset value onpf "My pension is increased by 102%  
2014  Acquisition ONPF "Delta" by ONPF "My pension"