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  • 22 years experience in the TDF group
  • 4 funds and NPF "My pension"
  • Yield NPF "My Pension"
    permanently higher inflation since 2011
  • The increase in the number of participants
    NPF "My pension" for 2014 by almost 90%


Asset management company ITT-Management LLC provides services for corporate clients:

Taking AMC on outsourcing – service for the companies which expenses on AMC and fund management exceed proceeds of activity. ITT-Management offers outsourcing servicing for the defined term, namely:

  • Providing legal address (concluding lease agreement on premises) within real office rooms owned by ITT group;
  • Providing high qualified specialists for executing activity under current legislation;
  • Fund assets management (including non government pension fund), leading bookkeeping, reporting to State Commission on Securities and stock market and take other required measures for providing licensed activity under Ukrainian legislation.

AMC liquidation stipulates solution to a number of questions concerning investment fund and non-government pension funds, being under its management (transferring management to other AMC or its liquidation); excluding from the registrar of licensed entities conducting asset management activity; conduct activity concerning AMC liquidation as a legal entity (closing questions on creditors’ claims; control of tax inspection, excluding from the registrar of social insurance funds and the State registrar), etc.

Registration of funds – the procedure of establishment of unit, corporate investment funds, non-government pension funds, funds of financing construction, etc. executed under the regulatory mechanism. Qualified specialists of ITT-Management consult the clients on all the issues concerning funds establishment, due to which the client will take decision on the type, kind and investment policy of the fund. ITT will solely come through all the stages of registration process, acting on client’s power of attorney.

Taking funds under management. AMC ITT-Management efficiently manages above 1 Mlrd. UAH, generating income to its investors. The specialists of the company are ready to accept funds of different type and kind, providing the maintenance of corresponding procedures and professional funds asset management.

VIP-offer – development of individual investment strategy for the investors aiming at optimization of cash flow and minimization of tax burden.  Huge amount of accumulated assets (not less than 1 Mln. UAH) gives the opportunity to diversify investment portfolio, allocating assets within a wide spectrum of different assets and minimizing possible risks. Returns on investment into funds are not fixed and depend on the funds’ growth rate, which in turn depends on professionalism of ITT-Management with huge experience and stock market situation. Profitability is also the result of avoiding of transitional taxation due to favorable legislation in Ukraine. Your assets are protected by Law of Ukraine «On the institutes of the mutual investment», activity of the National commission for securities and stock market, and also by the audit and custodian of fund’s assets.
Nowadays every investor has a number of alternatives that are able to guarantee the preserving and augmentation of his funds, but that is you to choose the most efficient and optimal way. We offer you the opportunity of available funds’ allocation at the stock market through investment funds, managed by experienced and highly professional team of Asset Management Company ITT-Management.