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Oksana Markarova commented on the development of new “City” in Kyiv

The idea of changing the location of Kyiv business centre is being developed in the new Strategy of city development with the aim of making historic part of Kyiv free of traffic jams and people less dependent on everyday migration processes from far residential districts. The administrative buildings and business centres will become more available and close to the citizens. Vacant administrative premises may be used for hotels.
Project realization will cost billions of UAH. For its development above 200 Mln. USD is required. The project financing will only attract private investment and not the city budget. There are 5 territories selected, which are suitable for “Kyiv-City”.
Business supports the idea, but to make the perspective clear the ready investment project should be presented. The Head of the Board Oksana Markarova offered to separate two main aspects of the project: “It we speak on making offices near apartment, then it is not required. It is enough for the government to simplify and make clear the procedure of getting permits. But if we speak on Kyiv-City project as the one that stipulates the transfer of municipal and government buildings, then the government will become the customer. And the government is to make the order attractive for investors”.