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  • 22 years of experience and international approach to investment
  • Team of professional managers with multi industry experience
  • Multiple increases in portfolio companies results
  • Numerous and profitable exits
Achievements of "Darnytsya RCP"

Darnytsya RCP PJSC filled the grillage for business class house, located near Lake Solar, on the Revutskiy Street, 9 in Kyiv in September 2012.
The Customer is "Poznyakyzhytlobud", which is recognized on the Kyiv market.
Corporation "Poznyakyzhylbud" built about twenty "warm homes" in various parts of Kyiv, with the total area of 1000000 square meters. All residential complexes are built by the corporation according to the most modern technology. No exception is the 34-storey skyscraper on Revutskiy Street, 9.
Filling about 500 piles preceded the grillage arrangement. Concrete of Darnytsya RCP was also used there.
Due to the fact that the construction site was located too close to residential buildings, works were only conducted during working hours. That is why the grillage arrangement was broken into two phases.
On September 15th company-contractor "Stroy vector plus" filled 1331.5 cubic meters of concrete only for 9 hours.
On September 22nd second jaw with the capacity of 1558.5 cubic meters was made only for 13 hours.
Professional employees of company-contractor and good organization of Darnytsya RCP work, which has involved about 2 dozen mixers (with great carrying capacities) and four concrete trucks to implement the order, contributed much to the high rate of work.