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  • 22 years of experience and international approach to investment
  • Team of professional managers with multi industry experience
  • Multiple increases in portfolio companies results
  • Numerous and profitable exits
"Velyka Kyshenia" is a new customer of "Household and industrial chemistry plant"

Household and industrial chemistry plant PJSC – domestic manufacturer of industrial and household chemistry, as well as a successful manufacturer of its own brand products concluded a new agreement on cooperation with the trade chain "Velyka Kyshenia".
Household and industrial chemistry plant cooperates with trade networks on the production of Private label productsfor over 8 years , especially with "Metro" - TM "ARO", "Ashan" - products of EPU group, "DC Ukraine" - TM "DIXI", "Fozzy Group" - TM "Premia", "ECO" - TM "Ersel", "Caravan" - TM "Easy & Good", "Offer".
Products for trade network "Velyka Kyshenia" will be produced under the trademark "№ 1 - fair price" and "Hit Product".