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Investment opportunities for individual investors


Unique chance to create One Investor Fund. If the investment amount exceeds UAH 1 Mln, ITT-Management can create special fund of the type and kind you choose with a special investment strategy subject to your needs and goals.
  Trust management

Licensed activity which multiplies capital by means of investment at the stock market. You trust your money to the team of professional brokers who will work out special investment strategy in accordance with expected returns and risks.


 Public ITT Funds
Fund name
Returns Risk Minimum investment amount Investment horizon Investment focus
High High 10000 UAH 1.5 year Growth fund
High Moderate 500000 UAH 3-5 years Income generating real estate fund


Non-government pension

Non-government pension fund is a good way to ensure a decent standard of living in retirement. Due to decline in standards of living in retirement and low state pension which cannot provide comfortable and worthy living conditions, citizens of many countries all around the world use services of Private Pension Funds in order to secure their future. Pension reform in Ukraine foresees substitution of an old pay-as-you-go pension system (PAYG) for a modern three-pillar pension system.

  • Level 1 - Pay-as-you-go system. Money transferred into the Pension Fund of Ukraine by enterprises and insured persons is immediately paid to the retired people 
  • Level 2 - Accumulating system of the mandatory state pension insurance Money (7% of a salary) is transferred into personal accounts of citizens and invested into Ukrainian economy. The investment income increases future pension payments.
  • Level 3 - Non-government pension insurance system. Both physical persons and legal entities can enjoy benefits of this system.

If you and your family worry about the standards of living in retirement, take care of it right now and deposit money into Non-government Pension Fund for your benefit or for the benefit of your relatives or colleagues.

Non-government Pension Fund's competitive advantages:
  • Non-government pension is paid in addition to a state pension, providing financial independence and security
  • Each working person can deposit money into his pension savings account
  • Each depositor determines the best amount and periodicity of deposits and has the possibility to modify them under any circumstances

ITT founded My Pension Non-government Pension Fund in order to diversify ITT-Group services portfolio with the instrument widely used throughout the world. Non-government pension funds not only improve retired people standards of living, they have also become huge driving force of the economy of the country it is raised in, that is why we invite all citizens, entrepreneurs and enterprises to enjoy all the benefits of My pension Fund.


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