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In the matter of disclosure customers information we are guided by the principle of confidentiality.

At the same time by the confidential information we understand information and media, access to which is limited indefinitely due to the expression of the ITT and the Client. If ITT and Client does not agree otherwise, to confidential information owned any information and it media received or made by instructions of the Client, except information that:

  • is or becomes publicly available by  the actions or events that are not related to the terms of the contract that the parties in violation of the provision of services concluded between the Client and ITT;
  • is known by  parties before assigning  the relevant contract;
  • is neccessary to be spread to unlimited circle of persons due to the requirements of the law;
  • is requested  by competent State authority on the grounds and in the manner stipulated by the law;
  • is received from a third party who has no commitment to privacy of information;
  • information about ITT has a power of Attorney from the client (without disclosing its essence) in order to spread information about ITT.