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  • Ukraine is a European country with an area that makes 5,7% of the territory of Europe and 0,44% of the territory of the world.
  • The geographical centre of Europe is situated in the Ukrainian village Dilove (Rakhiv region of Zakarpatska oblast).
  • Ukrainian chernozems are the most fruitful soils of the Earth.
  • The biggest marganese-ore deposit of the world is on the territory of Ukraine (Nikopolskyj).
  • Ukrainian river the Dnieper is the third longest river of Europe (2201km), the Danube – the second longest river of Europe – also crosses Ukraine.
  • The biggest steppe reserve of the world “Askaniya Nova” is in Ukraine.
  • The first Constitution in the world was written in 1710 by Ukrainian Hetman – Pylyp Orlyk.
  • Ukrainian landscapes of the Black Sea and the Carpathian mountains and the great ensemble of historical architectural masterpieces impress the tourists from all over the world.


  • According to the changes to the Constitution of Ukraine, Ukraine is the state with the parliamentary-presidential form of government, which demonstrates steady economic growth in spite of the legislation changeability and instability of political forces.
  • The economy of Ukraine has gained the status of market economy.
  • Ukraine may be the last large untouched market in Europe with almost 48 million inhabitants. The population of Ukraine is not expensive, but highly qualified labour force.
  • On the 5th of February 2008 Ukraine obtained WTO membership. The level of administrative intervention in the economy of Ukraine is decreased, the practice of cross funding is being replaced.
  • In spite of the low level of technological provision the country develops such important industries as light and chemical industry, heavy engineering, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, shipbuilding, motor-car construction, machinery production for agriculture, aero-engine building, etc.
  • Being rich in minerals Ukraine supplies 1/10 of the cast iron world production, 1/11 of steel and 1/12 of coal world production. It also takes 4th place in the list of the richest ore raw materials countries.
  • As of July 2011, Ukraine’s credit ratings are: under the obligations in foreign currency “B+/B”, in national currency “BB-/B” (Standard & Poor`s), B2 Stable (Moody’s) and “B/B” in foreign currency and “B” in national positive (Fitch), and also B+  with stable forecast (R&I).


  • Since 2005 the economy of Ukraine was experiencing investment boom and remains attractive for investments, despite crisis.
  • Ukraine and Poland will hold final of football championship  Euro-2012
  • Import decrease and foreign currency exchange rate growth against UAH as the result of crisis and simultaneous increase of demand at the domestic market created favourable environment for the development of domestic production being substituting import and developing export markets.
  • The liquidity crisis in banking sector and reluctance of local investors provide a unique inexpensive opportunity for strategic and financial investor  to enter the market, obtain meaningful market shares and get extra returns in a post-crisis period
  • The process of privatization is being continued in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian non-residential real estate even after correction remains attractive for investments due to demand prevailing upon supply in all types of commercial real estate and possibility of 8-10 year payback period.
  • The most attractive spheres for investment remain the fastest growing branches: agricultural sector, food processing, packaging, FMCG production and finance services.