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Ua English  

  • 22 year experience of ITT
  • Sound investment portfolio of real estate
  • Own architecture bureau
  • Experize of real estate at any development stage
  • Wide contact database of Ukrainian and international partners
  • Full spectrum of ITT group services under ITT umbrella


Cold storage and warehouse premises in Darnyts'kyi district near Darnytskyi Bridge         

Address: 5, Sortuvalna Str., Darnyts'kyi district 
Area: from 122 to 252 sq.m.
Price per 1 sq.m.: over 70 UAH



Warehouse and production premises near Kiltseva Road (Kyiv's Ring Road)                           

Address: 6, Yantarna Str., Svyatoshyns'kyi district 
Area: from 69 to 1566 sq.m.
Price per 1 sq.m.: over 42 UAH