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  • 22 years of experience and international approach to investment
  • Team of professional managers with multi industry experience
  • Multiple increases in portfolio companies results
  • Numerous and profitable exits


Selected list of ITT-Captal exits

Budprommontazh OJSC
The company produces and realizes reinforced concrete constructions and ready-mix concrete. Purchasing of Budprommontazh by the new fund of ITT-group ITT-Capital in 2008 signified our strong development of reinforced concrete constructions and ready-mix concrete production on the right bank part of the Kyiv city. The agreement to sell the company was reached in 2014. The deal is expected to be closed in 2015.

Household and Industrial Chemistry Plant PJSC
One of the Kyiv producers of the household and industrial chemistry with over thirty years history of the production of household chemicals and cosmetics, plastic containers, photopolymer compositions, professional cleaning ingredients and industrial products. ITT Capital purchased the company in 2009 and after 4 years of management have sold the production to the strategic buyer who moved the production to the different site while the current excellent location was transferred to ITT Real Estate for future development.

Darnytsya Reinforced Concrete Plant PJSC
Darnytsya Reinforced Concrete Plant is one of the largest producers of reinforced concrete constructions as well as pre-fixed and ready-mix concrete for residential and industrial construction in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The plant went through the process of total renovation and restructuring after becoming ITT Portfolio Company in 2000. This was undoubtedly one of the best companies in ITT portfolio, which is proved by the successful exit in 2013 to strategic investor. To date the company is a part of the Kovalska Group association.

Reinforced Concrete Plant OJSC (Rivne)
Investment group ITT purchased Rivne plant in October 2006. Maintaining and accelerating the production capacity of already existing production line, ITT included in the main development program the establishment of modern concrete-mix units for production of ready-mixed concrete of European quality in the western region. ITT exited from the plant in 2013

Obukhiv Porous Concrete Plant OJSC
Obukhiv Porous Concrete Plant (OPCP), a joint stock company registered in Ukraine in 1995, owns and operates a plant established to manufacture autoclaved aerated concrete products, that represent an innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly building material with a successful 70-year history in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. Strategic plant location, high quality of products and development plans guarantee the increase of plant’s leadership even further. It was sold to strategic investor at the beginning of 2008. Return on investment of ITT-Capital made 9,15 times.

Bekhy Specialized Granite Quarry OJSC
Bekhy Specialized Granite Quarry (Bekhy Quarry) starts its history from 1950, when it was created as a state-owned  Bekhy Quarry №5. In 1995 it went through the privatization and is one of the liquid quarries with large granite deposits in Ukraine. The company’s focused on production of high demand types of crashed granite (sizes 5х20 and 20х40) which are used for reinforced concrete production as well as for road construction. In June, 2006 ITT sold the company to Kamyanetc-Podilsky cement plant - portfolio company of international concern CRH.

Bank Agio OJSC (now SEB Bank)
OJSC Bank Agio is a universal commercial bank that provides both private and legal entities with the full range of high-quality banking services (crediting, mortgaging, autocrediting, factoring and leasing). SEB Bank currently belongs to the north-atlantic financial group Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) that purchased more than 80 % share holding of the bank Agio in 2005 from the group of investors, including ITT. In May 2006 the bank ”Agio” got new name – “SEB Bank”. Being founded in 2006 the bank enjoys the reputation of the reliable financial institution.

Mostobud OJSC
Mostobud is one of the biggest and the only specialized bridge construction company in Ukraine. Being founded in Kyiv in 1945 under the name Mostobud №1 it worked with the purpose of reconstructing the bridges that had been ruined in Great Patriotic War. During more than sixty years of its performance  Mostobud erected all the biggest bridges in Kyiv – Parkovy (on the Truhanov isle), Patona bridge, Darnytcya, Bridge-metro, Moscowsky bridge, Pivdennuy, as well as the following well-known buildings: Ykrayinsky Dim, National Olympic sport complex, etc. The company has built more than 1100 railway bridges, roads and overpasses. Currently “Mostobud” possesses 11 sub-units and a design office. ITT has sold its holding share to the strategic investor.

Malyn stone-crushing plant OJSC
Malyn stone-crushing plant was founded in 1952 as a sub-unit of Kyiv plant for building structures with the purpose of crushed granite mining and its production for the road Kyiv – Kovel. The plant is one of the crushed materials market leaders with a significant market share and highly regarded trade mark on the territory of the Russian Federation – one of the major importers of Ukrainian industrial granite. The renovation and marketing activity, conducted by ITT, resulted in the plant’s selling to the strategic investor – Russian company Unigran. Currently Malyn stone-crushing plant sells its high-quality goods to Russia, Poland, Baltic countries and some Ukrainian consumers.

Slavutych malty plant OJSC
Investment group ITT purchased Slavutych malty plant considering foodstuff processing and beverage food production branches to be rather promising in Ukraine, and expecting to become the part of the high growth consumer market, that comprises 48 million people. In 1999 it was sold to Scandinavian holding Baltic Beverage Holding (BBH) – strategic investor, which is one of the major producers of beer and non-alcoholic beverage in Ukraine. Slavutych malty plant is one of the largest malt manufacturer in Ukraine with malt production capacity of 70 000 tons per year. The plant was sold after all to Soufflet group – the biggest world malt manufacturer.

Orlan Trans (Lvivukrtrans) OJSC
Investment group ITT purchased shares of Lvivukrtrans and later sold it to private investor, whereupon the name of the enterprise was changed into Orlan Trans. The company was a regional leader and developed into one of the biggest Ukrainian carriers of cargoes and automobiles. Orlan Trans works with all the major forwarding companies such as LKW Walter, Cargoline Spedition GmbH, Kuenne & Nagel, Geodis Calberson, Textilspedition H. Verwohlt, Danzas, Shenker BTL, Delacher & Co, DFDS Transport, Mayer & Mayer. Lvivukrtrans was a solid basis for successful development of Orlan Trans.

Kyiv meat-processing plant CJSC
Kyiv meat-processing plant was the initial investment of ITT into the food-processing industry. It had been one of the best plants of its industry and met about 80 % of the market demand in Kyiv and Kyiv region by 1997. Its territory occupies 39 hectare, equipped for meat processing, storing, cooling, etc. The plant was successfully sold to the strategic investors – residents of Ukraine.

Kyivvozdobbud OJSC
Kyivvozdobbud is a specialized construction company in the holding enterprise Kyivmiskbud, that is to conduct the works on outside and interior design of the unique and particular buildings in Kyiv. The company has operated since 1978 and comprises 5 big construction departments, branch establishment “Vush Dim” servicing private houses, and specialized design office. More than 800 high-qualified specialists work in the company. It took part in the construction of almost alal the concert-halls and administrative buildings in Kyiv. ITT sold its share to the Ukrainian financial investor – investment company “TEKT”.

Odesa-Energoremont OJSC
Odesa-Energoremont was one of the biggest companies of details and instruments repair industry in the south of Ukraine.  ITT market withdrawal strategy lied in the company’s restructuring focusing on the repair works, and gaining large profit by means of selling each distinguished department.

Transhidromekhanizatciya OJSC
Transhidromekhanizatciya is a unique enterprise, established in 1938 in all the republics of former Soviet Union to use the methods of hydromechanization for getting gravel and for making ground area along rivers and lakes. Company’s department in Kyiv was founded in 1964 as sub-unit №2 for the construction of the bridge along the Dnieper near Darnytcya. Being registered as “Transhidromekhanisatciya” in 1992, the company took part in the construction of Darnytcya bridge in Kyiv, the bridge in Chercasy, in the Baltic city Dowgawpils. It conducted important works at Poltava ore mining and processing enterprise, Rubizhansk chemical plant, Mykolayiv cement works, Mykolayiv river port and many other enterprises. The successful exit chosen by ITT lied in the company’s sale to the Russian strategic company Petroholding – the owner of several Russian departments of former Soviet Transhidromekhanization.